Cyber Fraud

Cyber fraud is a global problem that is continuing to grow in volume and sophistication. The Law Society of NSW have advised that the legal industry is currently being targeted by hackers. These attacks generally involve gaining access to real email trails and then impersonating the client and/or solicitor and providing incorrect bank account and contact details. 

At Brown Wright Stein (BWS) we continue to implement solutions to provide the best available protections to our systems.  We encourage our clients to continually assess what software or hardware protection is utilised, and ask that you remain vigilant in checking the email address on emails from BWS, particularly where the content seems unusual or provides different bank account details.

BWS does not have an international bank account and our account details have not changed since 2014. If our account details change in the future, you will receive updated information on all correspondence from us well in advance.

Should you receive correspondence purporting to be from BWS that you suspect is not legitimate please call your contact at BWS or contact our reception to confirm our account details. Please use the usual contact numbers you call us on or look for our contact number on our website. Do not use the contact details provided in suspect emails.

Should you have any concerns regarding cyber fraud that you would like to discuss with us, please contact our office.

Alice Edgar