Compliance and Corporate Governance

Compliance and Corporate Governance

In the current business environment, where risk management is a key focus at both strategic and operational levels, organisations are increasingly placing a greater emphasis on compliance and governance issues. Brown Wright Stein Lawyers provides quality, practical legal advice on compliance systems aimed at assisting clients with their specific requirements and protecting their businesses from consequences of non-compliance.


Our experience includes:

  • workplace health and safety
  • trade practices and competition law
  • financial services
  • privacy
  • anti-money laundering.

We can assist with not only advice of legal compliance and risk management issues, but also implementing training programs that aim to develop a culture of compliance to protect your people in your organisation. We aim to develop compliance systems that are designed to meet the needs of our clients and the expectations of regulators, and to embed their required policies and procedures within the existing framework of your business. Our team can also carry out reviews or audits of your compliance system to ensure it meets the requirements of the law in accordance with AS 3806-2006 and other requisite Australian Standards. For more information on Compliance Training, click here.


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