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What to Expect from Brown Wright Stein Lawyers
Our lawyers specialise in working with business owners and their business advisors, such as accountants, financial consultants, property consultants and IT consultants – what we see as our clients’ ‘business family’. We develop long-term relationships which gives our lawyers a deep understanding of our clients’ business and personal needs. Over the years we have gained a unique insight into the nature of operating owner-managed businesses and the outcome is that we provide practical commercial solutions to business issues.

At Brown Wright Stein Lawyers, we believe in excellence in everything we do for our clients. It’s this commitment that enables us to develop creative, innovative solutions that lead to positive outcomes.

Working Together

To deliver brilliant results for our clients, we engage and collaborate with the other members of our client's business family. Combining multiple perspectives from different professional disciplines enables us to provide innovative and practical legal solutions.

Our clients value working with like-minded people who share their values of independence, a down-to-earth approach and hard-won success.

They appreciate having people on their side who are results oriented, not process oriented - a collaborative team committed to developing long-term solutions.

At Brown Wright Stein Lawyers, you'll work with people who speak your language.

How Brown Wright Stein Lawyers is different

Brown Wright Stein Lawyers specialise in working with business owners and their business advisors, such as accountants, financial consultants, property consultants and IT consultants.

What our clients have in common is the desire to work with a legal firm that thinks creatively and provides legal advice that integrates with their business needs - a firm that doesn't take things on face value, but rather uses a broad understanding of the law to offer appropriate insights and solutions to improve the running of a client's business and affairs.

We take a holistic approach to understanding the challenges facing you and your business and we develop innovative solutions to help you manage your commercial interests - always ensuring our advice integrates with your business needs.

Life at Brown Wright Stein Lawyers

Being part of the team at Brown Wright Stein Lawyers is about embracing challenges, developing skills, acquiring knowledge and aspiring to produce brilliant results for our clients. We actively support and encourage staff to drive their own careers.

Equally, it's about building long-term partnerships with our clients and other business professionals and developing long-term friendships with colleagues.

We firmly believe that a genuine work / life balance is an essential element to a successful legal career and a better state of body and mind, so we provide staff with a range of programs to help make this a reality.


At Brown Wright Stein Lawyers we are proud of the service we deliver to our clients. Here is what some of them have had to say about our Property practice:

The BWS team have handled 90% of our Sydney transactions over the past 5 years and we have found their work, service levels, detail orientation and speed second to none.

Jason Isherwood, Capital 360

Charities we support

There are a number of charities which perform exceptional work in our community and that are important to our partners and staff at Brown Wright Stein Lawyers. We participate in charity support days throughout the year and try whenever possible to recruit others in our surrounding community to share in the support of these worthwhile causes.