About Brown Wright Stein Lawyers


About Brown Wright Stein Lawyers

About Brown Wright Stein Lawyers

Brown Wright Stein Lawyers is a commercial law firm that specialises in working collaboratively with business owners and aspirational individuals. Our long-term relationships with clients provides us with a deep understanding and insight into the nature of owner-managed businesses and what makes them tick.

We have relationships with individuals and deal with matters concerning our client’s business and individual wealth management. At Brown Wright Stein Lawyers, you’ll work with people who speak your language.

We believe in excellence in everything we do for our clients. It’s this commitment that enables us to develop creative, innovative solutions that lead to positive outcomes.

Our Clients

Our clients value working with like-minded people who share their values of independence, a down-to-earth approach and hard-won success. They appreciate having people on their side who are results oriented, not process oriented – a collaborative team committed to developing long-term solutions.

What our clients have in common is the desire to work with a legal firm that thinks creatively and provides legal advice that integrates with their business needs – a firm that doesn’t take things on face value, but rather uses a broad understanding of the law to offer appropriate insights and solutions to improve the running of a client’s business and affairs.

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